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Thanking The Planners Of The April 12 Demo

Date: 2013-04-16
FEW WEEKS AGO, news of a planned demonstration slated for last April 12 by some citizens rocked the nation sending fear across the country as the plan resurrected the memories of the infamous April 12 1980 which led to the bloody overthrow of the administration of the late William R. Tolbert.
THE GROUP OF citizens who had planned the demonstration said they were about to take the venture in a bid to allow the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led Administration to deliver the goods to the Liberian people and do away with nepotistic behavior.
SOME OF THOSE who had planned the demonstration were also calling for the resignation of President Sirleaf. However, the news of the demonstration drew the attention of every citizen including opinion leaders who days after days were calling on the organizers to cut-off the demonstration as it had the propensity to cause chaos, destruction of properties and the potential to stall Liberia's new found democratic system of governance.
CIVIL SOCIETY GROUPING, peace building organizations and prominent politicians in and outside of government pleaded with the organizers to cut the demonstration off as it could also be used by disgruntled individuals to cause harm and serious damaged to the livelihood of the public. However, following the intervention of the Vice President of Liberia, Ambassador Joseph Boakai and the Traditional Council of Liberia, the organizers suspended the demonstration on ground that they were giving the government of Liberia time to implement the request which according to them were made known to the Johnson Sirleaf administration.
LISTENING KEENLY TO the many calls, the organizers did not demonstrate and peace prevailed as citizens in every part of the country breathed air of relief knowing very well that the fragile peace being enjoyed was to be fostered and peaceful co-existence was assured for all.
IT IS IN this vein that we are commending the organizers of the then planned demonstration for listening to the cry of the nation by putting aside their planned action. It is not that the reasons for their planned demonstration was not proper and in place but that chaos was adverted and peace prevailed after words and counter attacks of words from the government and the demo planners as to what would have happened on the day for the demonstration.
AS WE THANK the planners for cutting-off the demonstration, we believe that members of the public should stop doing or saying things that would ridicule the planners because we seriously believe that this would be unfair to the organizers as they are also citizens of the country and have the right to petition the government for whatever they feel is not in line with good governance. Instead those in leadership positions must now begin to do those things that will bring satisfaction to the governed.
AGAIN WE ALSO commend those that were involved in the negotiation that halted the demonstration because it is a known fact that April 12 is a day in our history that is not to be overlooked as it has serious infamous connotation.
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