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We Challenge Teachers To Do Better

Date: 2013-07-12
ON JULY 6, 2013, while attending the graduation of 500 newly certified teachers at the Cuttingto0n University, U.S. Ambassador Deborah Malac reiterated the U.S. Government's commitment to helping the Government of Liberia (GOL) in transforming teacher education in the country to address an increasing demand for a well-trained workforce.
AMBASSADOR MALAC EMPHASIZED that the U.S. Government, through the USAID Liberia Teacher Training Program, has helped to strengthen the education sector by training teachers in up-to-date methodologies and supporting development of new regulatory and operational policies.  She said equitable access to quality education in the country has not yet been achieved, and urged graduates to prepare their students especially those at the primary level for the road ahead. She said the United States Government firmly believes that only with quality teachers will there be quality education for the youths of Liberia.
ALSO SPEAKING AT the program the Superintendent of the Monrovia Consolidated School System Superintendent (MCSS), Adolphus Jacobs, noted that as “C” certificate holders, teachers could have an impact on whether primary school students stay in school or drop out. He said that in the midst of education reform in the country, teachers should have integrity and refrain from any form of solicitation because it hurts the educational system. “Solicitation, be it in money, labor or otherwise has to be curtailed,” Superintendent Jacobs said.
WHILE WE WELCOME the statement from the United States Envoy and the Superintendent of the MCSS coupled with the efforts of the US government to transform our country, let's acknowledge the fact that the USAID Liberia Teacher Training Program has trained more than three thousand teachers at the “C” certificate level and distributed more than 500,000 books. The program has also provided scholarships to Master and Doctoral students and introduced the first Education Management Information System in Liberia.
THIS INDEED IS a welcome initiative if we must rebuild our shattered educational system which many times our President had described as being 'a mess.” To change things around from mess to good, our teachers must turn a new leaf by impacting knowledge without any solicitation, be it in money, labor or otherwise as it is the order of the day in most of the various institutions of learning today. 
AS THE GOVERNMENT of Liberia (GOL) and her development partners such as the United States strive to turn the situation around for the better, Liberian teachers must also endeavor to go extra mile by ensuring transparency, good governance and a perfect merit system that will also enhance future growth of our country.
THUS THE CHALLENGE goes to the teachers trained by the United States' tax payers fund and all other teachers in our country to be an example of perfect and moral uprightness by doing those things that will promote academic excellence and automatically revamp the Liberian educational system.
TO CONCLUDE, OUR thanks and appreciation goes to the United States government for its uncompromising stance to continuously stand by the people of Liberia in the process of reforming or revamping its institutions including the educational sector. It is our hope that these numerous assistances to Liberia are indications that the sisterly and brotherly relationships that exist between Liberia and the United States for over a century will continue to be enhanced. Thus we urge all to follow the old adage that says when someone is washing your back; you must try to wash your stomach.
Uploaded: July 12, 2013