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LIWEN Storm Grand Gedeh With HIV Knowledge

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The Liberian Women Empowerment Network (LIWEN), the only network of women and adolescent girls living with and affected by HIV and AIDS in Liberia recently conducted a series of HIV training activities in Grand Gedeh County.
These training activities were geared towards helping those who have contracted the HIV virus to know the importance of the drugs, fight the stigma and discrimination and the availability of other services that are HIV related.
According to a statement from LIWEN, this project was financially supported by UNAIDS with technical support from UNICEF Liberia. In Grand Gedeh County, LIWEN was able to have conducted Drugs Adherence training, Peer Educator training and awareness on the PTP Ivorian refugee camp.
The Grand Gedeh training was held on the Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital compound and was facilitated by Mr. Frederick Yarsiah, the HIV, TB and Malaria focus person on the County Health Team. The Martha Tubman Memorial staff was overwhelmed for the training.
Mr. Yarsiah expressed gratitude to LIWEN for such initiative for PLWHIV in Grand Gedeh.
While in the county, LIWEN was contacted by the HIV focus persons for IRC who have oversight responsibility on the three Ivorian refugee camps in Grand Gedeh. IRC served as LIWEN's entry points into the PTP refugee camp.
“While conducting our awareness, there were several HIV cases physically identified. Some of these cases identified were people diagnosed and had left their medications due to either ignorance of fear of being discriminated or stigmatized by community members. Some of the clients identified by our outreach team were encouraged to get back on their drugs and continue. Those talked to promised not to leave the medicine any more. According to them they were doing it out of ignorance not knowing that if you take your ARV drugs regularly and on time you can live healthier life as they saw with LIWEN staff,” The LIWEN Statement said.
On the SMILE FM 98.6 MHz radio broadcasting from Zwedru City, LIWEN was also able to have hosted two interactive and hot provoking talk shows on the subject.
During the talk show, LIWEN provided some detailed information on the existence of the virus in Grand Gedeh County; some of the modes of transmission, and encouraging citizens to voluntarily go to the hospital and do their HIV test which is FREE.
On the radio, LIWEN Officials also told all those traveling to and from Grand Gedeh and are HIV positive to always carry with them their cards that have their unique codes on them just in case they run out of their ARV drugs to enable them get a refill until they return to Monrovia.
LIWEN encouraged everyone not to break in their medicine. “This refill is not only done in Grand Gedeh but all over the country in Health Centers that are giving the ARTs,” LIWEN said.
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