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"Good Name Is Better Than Riches"...Jake Tells Graduates

Story by Jefferson D. Tweh
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The Deputy Managing Director of National Transit Authority (NTA) Mr. Tarnue Jake told graduates that good name is better than riches and that they must protect their characters because the society will need them tomorrow.
Speaking at the program marking the 39th graduation exercise of the BW Harris Episcopal High School, Mr. Jake enlightened graduates that setting a high expectation in pursing of excellence and services will enable them become future leaders.
According to Mr. Tarnue, UNDP Development Right Human indicator narrated that 83.3% of Liberia population live below the international poverty line and earn United States one dollar, twenty- five cents per day and this places Liberia in174 out of 186 countries.
“Let me remind you quickly that you are setting a high expectation in a nation that is rampant with corruption, poverty, low education in various universities, so if you are pursing higher education, you must choose career in which you can meaningfully contribute to radical reform of our nation,” Mr. Jake said.
Mr. Jake then urged the graduates to first identify career such as Nurse, Engineering, Economics, Geology, Accounting, Development Studies and Procumbent to enable them be useful for the job market.
“Please be very vigilant at all times and continue with your education, ”Mr.Jake concluded.
Also giving the valedictorian address, the president of the Student Council Government, Student Mohammed Sy said since Liberia got her independence in July 26, 1847, she stands to be the oldest country in Africa and the poorest country in the world.
“We have fought unnecessary war which has devastated our society and bloody revolutionary coup of April 12, 1980 and December 24, 1989 civil war up to 1997 and 2003 which lasted for 14 unbroken years and left poverty, sufferings, discriminations, nepotism, tribalism and partiality in the country  because we have never developed national consciousness,”Mr.Sy said.
According to student Sy, a society that does not have national consciousness leads to wrong direction and as a result people bear the consequence.
“Let me make it clear that partiality will not develop Liberia and if one qualifies for any position he or she must occupy it, “ Sy  added.
“Fellow graduates as we are leaving this noble institution today, let us leave with national consciousness, because a man who sees Liberia as a great plantation where he or she can make  much money and spends it in America or Europe can be described as an individual who does not have national consciousness, “ Sy concluded.
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