Thursday, July 27, 2017 02:45

USAID Launches Center Of Excellence At UL

Story by Garmonyou Wilson
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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched the Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences at the University of Liberia (UL) as a response to the problems identified and prioritized by the Government of Liberia in the health sector.
The Mission Director for USAID/Liberia, Patricia Rader said, “The Center for Excellence that we are launching today will contribute to addressing those critical areas of priority. The Center's purpose is to build the capacity of the UL in academic and research programs that address a national shortage of healthcare workers.”
“Its goal is not simply to produce more healthcare workers, but to produce highly trained professionals who can not only help rebuild the nation's health system, but also train those who will come after them,” Madam Rader stated.
“As with all USAID-funded projects, an ultimate goal is to 'work ourselves out of a job' and I am confident that this Center for Excellence in Health and Life Sciences is one of the foundational tools that will help Liberia's health sector stand firmly on its own two feet,” she concluded.
The Center will develop new academic and research programs in biotechnology, public health, nurse- midwifery, and enhanced pre-clinical training in medicine and pharmacology. It will also support existing science programs at the University involving the exchange of professors in disciplines such as anatomy and biochemistry.
The Center for Excellence will be implemented by The Office of Higher Education Development HED through a partnership between the University of Liberia and two American universities: Indiana University and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
For his part the President of the UL, Dr. Emmett Dennis lauded USAID, Indiana University and the University of Massachusetts for their unflinching support in making this Center a reality.
He described the collaboration with the Universalities and its partners as 'nostalgic.’