Friday, August 18, 2017 07:56

Club To Seek P.P. For Football Development

Edwin G. Wandah

The Coach of one of Liberia's oldest teams, the Mighty Electrons, Gartor Tokeh, has revealed that his team, the Mighty Electron is about to seek the support of private businesses which will help improve the team.
According to Coach Tokeh, the P.P which is the Private Partnership will provide financial and material supports for his team, and also seal the team nationwide; and if possible provide extended foreign sponsorship for the players to be viewed on the widest wire the DSTV Sports Channel.
The Electrons' Coach said in other parts of Africa and the world, teams make lots of money from media publicity especially, DSTV which goes across the World and is viewed by many persons annually.
On Monday, Mighty Electrons' Coach Gartor Tokeh said the team has come a long way to reach this far by the numerous contributions it has made in soccer promotion in the country.
He said Mighty Electrons has produced lots of talents and should be at least remembered by both the fans and former players of the team. He also asserted that the team being founded in one of the most richest parts of Montserrado where most of the Government officials reside especially, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Liberia and Representative of District #6 Edwin M. Snowe and the Vice President of Liberia Hon. Joseph Boakai, the team should be optimistic of receiving many supports from its fans.
According to Coach Tokeh, many of his colleagues have expressed the desire to contribute to the desire of the team, but he is also admonishing other key members of the team to follow suit as the survival of the team rests solely on donation given by fans and former players of the team.
Mighty Electrons was established in the early parts of the 60's and has produced many players like John Giean, John Dakaliah and Coach Gartor Tokeh who all served as strikers, midfielders  and defenders respectively.
Updated: March 26, 2013