Friday, August 18, 2017 07:58

A Boost To LBA...As TSINGTAO Beer Takes Sponsorship Of Major Tournament

Edwin G. Wandah

An International Beverage Company TSINGTAO Beer which is currently sponsoring the Liberian Basketball Association League Tournament taking place at the Open Air Sports Commission on Broad Street is risen many fans of the Liberia Basketball Association with hundreds of fans storming the Sports Commission to witness entertaining basketball games.
According to two officials of NYANNEH'S COMPANY which is the chief distributor of TSINGTAO Beer in Liberia, the Chief Sales Manager Oscar SSZ Gomier and the Chief Executive Officer Wilson T. Nyanneh, the sponsorship is the Company's own way of contributing to the development of Liberian Sports.
Beginning with Oscar, “Liberians have known the taste of the beer which is different from other beers in the country.” He further said the beer has been accepted by the Liberian people and there is a growing need to have more on the market for consumption by its many customers.
For his part, the CEO of the NYANNEH COMPANY INC. Wilson T. Nyanneh said his company his intension is to meaningfully contribute to his mother land in the private sector. According to him, unity and peace comes through sportsmanship, and so; there is a need to invest more in sports development.
He said the Beer reduces fats, comprises of herbs that very essential to the health of atleats and opens the mussels of the sports players.
The CEO of TSINGTAO Beer further lament that the beer was originally made on an island between China and Japan in 1903 in Giaundu Province and comprise of 11HP which is specifically made for people who play sports, reduces impotencies in male, fight chronic cold that causes rheumatism, reduces heart blood pressure and hypotension and a host of several diseases.
Uploaded: April 10, 2013