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Whose Violating The Rules, Bility Or LFA?...Group Wants Bility Out


Suspended Liberia Football Association- LFA President Musa Bility is said to be in the news again that he or his LFA is violating the rules which many of his opponents want him out of the football house as president immediately.
Recently, Bility who is noted for his big money spending packed off his bag from the LFA with rumors that he had bad-mouthed FIFA Boss Sir Blatah and CAF Boss Issa Ayatu, but many of Bility's supporters lashed at the news as mere politics and only intended to keep Mr. Bility out of the process since indeed the LFA was planning for elections December this year.
But a newly founded group seeking Bility's removal has outlined several reasons why Mr. Bility should be booted out of the process and peacefully step down to avoid future embarrassment.
According to the group, the Association of Sports Lovers of Liberia says Mr. Bility has commercialized the entire football house for personal gains and has no love for passion in the game which everyone yearns for.
In a ten-count resolution submitted to this paper, the group said for respect and human dignity, Mr. Musa Bility should humbly give way to the elections of new code of leaders who will steer the affairs of the LFA.
According to the group leader, Musa Kromah, Mr. Bility has planted secret agents within the LFA as paid agents operating on his orders.
The Group said under Mr. Bility's leadership, the Senior National Team has been humiliated due to the poor administrative performance of Mr. Bility's leadership.
Uploaded: July 11, 2013