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Winners Sports Betting Not Criminal Gains

Edwin G. Wandah

An international sports betting company, Winners Incorporated, has boosted the Liberian economy by providing jobs for hundreds of Liberians in the country.
According to hundreds of Liberians, Winners Incorporated has improved the lives of many young Liberians and is helping to reduce the huge poverty rate in the country by the days.
According to Winners Incorporated CEO, Yocob  Batshon the Betting Company, Winners Incorporated is an international betting company that has many branches in many parts of the world.
He said Liberia as the first African country for the huge investment, Liberians should be proud and boast of the many opportunities awaiting them in the face of alleviating poverty in the country, which he said at the moment the company is trying its possible best to meet up with.
The Winners CEO Batshon however praised the Liberian Government for the level of cordial relationship it is enjoying in Liberia which has enabled the company at least extends to other parts of the country. Mr. Batshon also thanked the Liberian people for supporting the company in its drive to provide jobs for the least person in the Liberian society.
He said, although Winners Incorporated has not spent many years in Liberia like other foreign businesses, but said that the comfort and good business atmosphere is being felt in Liberia with the citizens themselves showing interest in the business.
Also, Winners Incorporated Administrative Manager, Fallah Brima, said since the inception of the company in Liberia, many Liberians who bet have won over millions of Liberian Dollars. Meanwhile the company has put in concrete security measures to avoid teenagers from the betting process.
Uploaded: July 11, 2013