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NTA Yet To Receive US$1.5m

Story by Alva M. Wolokolie
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The Managing Director of the National Transit Authority (NTA) Mr. Karmo D. Ville has disclosed to the House committee on Ways, Means and Finance that the US$1.5 million that was approved by the Legislature over the fiscal period 2012/2013 for the NTA was not disbursed by the Ministry of Finance.
According to Director Ville, the amount was proposed by the NTA to purchase 30 additional new transport buses at a cost of US$ 50,000 each but up to the end of the 2012/2013 budget year, the NTA has never received a cent out of the million dollars allotted for the entity.
Appearing before the House Ways, Means and Finance Committee yesterday, NTA Director Ville told the lawmakers that NTA has about 45 buses, 41 available and 30 of them have been in active operation for the past three years.
Mr. Ville who went to justify a requested amount of US$1.5 million in this current 2013/2014 budget to purchase 20 buses instead of the previous 30 was questioned by Lofa County Representative Moses Kollie to give an expenditure report on the first US$1.5 million approved by the legislature during the 2012/2013 budget passage.
It was at that point that Director Ville openly repeated himself that the NTA did not receive the money as they expected to. “Honorable Lawmakers, we did not receive any of the US$1.5 million you approved in the 2012/2013 budget,” Ville repeated himself.
Commenting further, the NTA boss said his entity projected US$1.8m but was able to generate US$1.7m and expended portion of the money on fuel, spare parts, repair, and insurance of employees and vehicles. Currently, he said the NTA has about 300 employees and that NTA provides services to urban, rural and inter-city areas. He told the lawmakers that NTA remains committed to assisting people with disability at no cost and students with uniform for only LD$5.00.
After Mr. Ville's presentation, the Committee did not comment further to inquire why the US$1.5 million was not released to the NTA to purchase those buses.
Uploaded: July 12, 2013